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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know you’re hiring the right Wedding Planner? 2017-12-22T12:58:41+00:00

At Beautiful Vallarta Weddings we believe it just comes down to trust.Trust is important in any relationship. You should feel completely comfortable with your wedding planner and designer and feel assured that he or she completely understands your needs and your personalities should match.We believe 100% in the team we have put together. From our caterers and lighting company to our floral designer and bakers… we will make it easy for you to design the wedding of your dears.The decision to hire a professional wedding planner will ensure that you, your family and your guests will be able to enjoy your special day with the reassurance that all of the details are being handled by a professional.Whether your wedding is an impromptu affair or has been months or even years in the planning, I want to help you fashion a destination wedding celebration that is beyond your wildest dreams!

Why Hire a Wedding Planner? 2017-12-22T12:57:40+00:00

The decision to hire a wedding planner will ensure that you, your family and your guests will be able to enjoy your special day with the reassurance that all of the details are being handled by a professional. A wedding planner is an essential element of a well-planned wedding. Most couples are shocked to discover how much preparation is involved. A wedding planner will guide and assist you in making informed decisions by providing all the special attention needed for your wedding to help your vision of your wedding celebration come to reality. A wedding planner can take advantage of discounts not available to private parties and avoid costly mistakes. Your wedding planner will act as troubleshooters and are generally aware of things that are easy to overlooked. Once we know your budget we will make sure you are using the best vendors that meet your requirements. A wedding planner is an expert in the field of weddings, style design, etiquette and coordination. We understand the dynamics of a wedding and will provide attention to detail. Our training, knowledge and experience will turn your dreams and expectations into reality. We want you to host a beautiful Vallarta wedding with no worries. Remember, you should enjoy your wedding and remember it is one of the greatest events of your life!

What are the best months to get married in Puerto Vallarta? 2017-12-22T12:55:25+00:00

Puerto Vallarta is known for some of the most beautiful areas to host your destination wedding and has become one of the top wedding destinations in Mexico. The best months to plan your destination wedding are between mid October through the end of May. The chances of rain and humidity are in the months of June and July. The height of the rainy season is August and September. Rain showers and high humidity are almost guaranteed every day in the late afternoon. Ask your wedding planner which time frame works best for you and your guests.

Can we be married by a priest on the beach? 2017-12-22T12:53:52+00:00

The Parish of Puerto Vallarta does not allow its priests to marry people outside of a physical church. This means that they cannot perform ceremonies at a beach or in villa or hotel. The church will, however, grant permission for priests from outside of Vallarta to perform a Catholic ceremony if they are the priests of the couple’s local church. Details for this can be arranged by your wedding coordinator.

Can I have a religious style wedding? 2017-12-22T12:53:04+00:00

Yes, a minister can perform your wedding ceremony in a religious style. Minister are “non denominational” but has knowledge and experience in performing a number of different religious ceremonies such as Catholic and Jewish.

What paperwork is needed for spiritual weddings? 2017-12-22T12:51:51+00:00

For the minister’s ceremony you will only need picture ID showing your full names – preferably passports. However, the Wedding Certificate you’ll receive from the minister only serves as recognition of a “spiritual union.”

Can I get married at a church in Mexico? 2017-12-22T12:50:03+00:00

To be married in a church in Mexico, you need to obtain documents from your parish at home and comply with the church’s premarital procedures and marriage preparation programs. The professional wedding coordinators can provide you with information about the required documents, church procedures and policies, and offer you support and direction before and during the wedding ceremony.

Can I get legally married in Mexico? 2017-12-22T12:48:09+00:00

Yes, certainly you have the option of getting legally married in Mexico. This will take some additional time and should be started early in planning your wedding. Please make sure you discuss this process with your wedding planner before making a decision as there is additional paperwork involved and documentation required which can take some time and needs to be started early on in the planning process. Most couples choose to get married legally at home before coming to Puerto Vallarta. This allows for them to have what is called a “Spiritual Ceremony” that fits perfectly in to what they are envisioning.

What documents are needed to be legally married in Mexico? 2017-12-22T12:46:54+00:00

There are requirements and documents needed for foreign citizens who wish to be legally married in Mexico. Documents must be translated by an authorized translator in Puerto Vallarta, so you should acquire these documents and send them to your wedding planner at least one month before the ceremony to allow time for processing and translation. A visit to the registry office (accompanied by your wedding planner) is also required the Wednesday before your marriage for a 30 minute class on the morals of marriage. The marriage certificate provided by the judge after a civil ceremony is a legal bond of marriage recognized by Mexico, the USA and Europe.

Is my marriage in Mexico legal? 2017-12-22T12:45:14+00:00

Legal marriages in Mexico are called “Civil Ceremonies” and are conducted by a Judge residing in the locality where you wish to get married. However, if you wish to be legally married in Mexico, we recommend that you make arrangements with your wedding planner to have the civil wedding performed at the Puerto Vallarta Registry Office, or at your villa, on the morning of your wedding ceremony – or the day before. Marriages performed by ministers or priests (even Catholic Priests) are not legally binding in Mexico. They are the symbolic and spiritual part of your wedding celebration.

Do you have any advice to help insure a Smooth Wedding Day? 2017-12-22T12:39:26+00:00

Relax and take a deep breath! The staff at Beautiful Vallarta Weddings will handle all the details and plan the perfect destination wedding for you, your family and guests on your special day. Together with our management team in Puerto Vallarta your dream wedding will become a reality and you will know the Magic of Puerto Valalrta!

We are having a Sunset Wedding – What time should we start? 2017-12-22T12:38:18+00:00

Check the sunset time for your wedding day – it usually varies between 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. which the shortest days in the winter. Your wedding planning along with your photographer will schedule your wedding to allow enough coverage time prior to sunset. This will allow the most desirable lighting conditions during your ceremony and then allowing coverage at sunset time.

What is the best time of day to have my wedding for the best photos? 2017-12-22T12:36:51+00:00

The best time of day is late afternoon into sunset. This is when the lighting is most flattering. The worst time of day is between 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. when the sun is directly overhead. Direct overhead bright sunlight results in highly undesirable photographic lighting conditions. In addition the temperature is often an uncomfortable 90 degrees and humid during the mid-day hours.

Why get married in Puerto Vallarta? 2017-12-22T12:35:45+00:00

Puerto Vallarta Mexico is known as one of the Top Ten Destination Wedding locations for hosting wedding celebration. With the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains in the background and the deep blue waters of Banderas Bay at your feet, having your destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta will offer you the ultimate setting for your dream wedding . The staff at Beautiful Vallarta Weddings will help you plan a wedding that is both elegant and affordable!